McAllen, TX

Dec 25th 2020 - Jan 10th 2021

Circus News

How watching a circus show during the COVID-19 pandemic can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family...

Circus Safety During COVID-19

After an extremely long year of ups and downs we cant wait to re-open our new and improved circus...

New Year - New Circus

This years thanksgiving has more meaning behind it than any others for us here in the circus...

Thanksgiving 2020


Coming to a town near you


" Bringing you the most wonderful show in the world for over 25 years...."


"A spectacular of jaw dropping acts for all the family...." 

Meet the team !


Take a look at some of the breath taking acts in our show...

Grab a quick bite to eat and quench that thirst whilst you enjoy the show...

"The Story of our circus from beginning to present. Follow our journey since 1911 and how we got to where we are today. Circus is in our blood, we carry our Portugal family name with pride...."

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Our Show

Damian Castro

Our wonderful circus manager. The chances are if you have contacted us about anything to do with Do Portugal International Circus your will have spoken to him. 

Susan Vance

Our beautiful costumes are designed and handmade by  our very own dance captain, choreographer and aerialist here at Do Portugal International Circus. Her original designs and creativity will blow you away on stage.